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Since 1986: Raising three kids and over a dozen horses on the trail the Tauer family has easily put in over 10,000 miles of real horse back riding.  Through  the years of horse camping in the heat, rain, snow, cold and bugs, they have made it their business to provide:
"Proven Products for Horse & Rider"

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We will not be carrying many of these items any more.  Is a last time to purchase items that we do not directly make in house.

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Extraordinary Performance   The Saddle...   Evolutionary Saddles tm "Revolutionizing The Flexible Panel Saddle" since 1993   

The Amazing Flexible (flex-fit) Panel Saddle 
for both gaited and non-gaited horses and mules in all shapes and sizes!
The ultimate flexible panel saddle that is not a flexible tree!  Evolutionary Saddlestm System 10 (X) has taken a quantum leap forward in the delrin panel construction. By using advanced computer imaging produced exactly what serious equestrians have been demanding and what other saddle companies have only hoped to achieve. 
The unique System X panel design of Evolutionary Saddlestm   uses several layers of delrin combined with the easy-side wear plate to insure optimal distribution of the riders weight throughout the entire length of the panel, while still allowing complete freedom of motion for the horse's back and shoulders. By using advanced machinery what once was only a dream has become reality. This specialized system has a true ball and socket joint, inserted on a very specialized saddle tree that allows this amazing System X panel so much adaptability that these saddles now fit most horses and mules of vastly different shapes. - This is the only flex-panel saddle fit system in the world designed to do this using just one saddle.  Criteria such as gullet sizes, twist, flare and rocker are automatically addressed through this technologically advanced design. Whatever conformation issues are present, the appropriate saddle model correctly fitted, should provide the answer.  This is an entirely new system and so outstanding that the Evolutionary Saddles tm System X   offers a 30 day money back - horse and rider satisfaction guarantee.
All of these finely crafted, beautiful saddles are made the United States.  All of the English / Endurance saddles have adjustable rigging, an adjustable 3-position hanger bar, hardware rigging Dees, and a saddle pad called Saddle Soxtm. You can also select either one-inch leathers or 2 inch biothane stirrup leathers.  The western saddles have adjustable rigging and hardware rigging Dees.  Many more options are available such as, stirrup selection, border tooling, merino wool saddle pads, color options, silver, saddle cover, etc.  All saddles come with Cathy's how to saddling DVD and saddle care kit along with a 30 day money back performance and quality guarantee
The Solution... "A REAL revolution in saddle building"  & " A quantum leap forward in saddle technology"
 It is our intent to provide only the very best for you and your horse. Quality, price, technology, service and fast delivery along with a money back  guarantee is what we strive to achieve.
Engineered to fit horses and mules -
No fancy gimmicks or slick options. We sell a saddle that is practical and functional.  If for what ever whatever reason
the saddle is not right for you or your horse, you can
  GET YOUR MONEY BACK.-satisfaction guaranteed! - You can not beat that for product confidence!
Customer Testimonials

4 pg.SADDLE BROCHURE - print in landscape

2015:  The next chapter in our lives.

After starting our business in 1996 and dedicating ourselves to providing only the best for horse and rider with proven products,  a new direction is needed.  

Our children are now adults.  They are loyal, happy, independent and trust worthy. This leaves me with decades of work and inventory, but no additional time to breed, raise and train my horses.  I need to down size, become streamlined with a manageable workload.  It is now Don and myself with a couple of people that I outsource work to.   

Therefore  A NEW MARKETING direction is needed.  To best serve my customers I am streamlining my business, making an easy load for a 60 year old woman to handle.  As the saddles started my business, they will once again be my primary focus.  

I will be getting back to our roots; I will sell items that we have developed and manufacture ourselves. It will be seasonal.  I will be providing product based on a market driven need and priced accordingly.  I will be sewing/manufacturing saddles in Minnesota during the winter season and riding, training and living with my horses for 8 months in the hills of South Dakota.  During that time we will be able to fill orders, but I will not be available for custom projects.  

This process has already started as those of you who have been loyal "Catabook" readers have noticed.  Gone are the Catabooks and many on-line pages.  This chapter is coming to an end and a new one beginning. 

Life is a glorious journey.  Just like a great book, I look forward to each new chapter.

A destination for you? 
Mission Statement:  This residential retreat will be a place of rest, relaxation and reflection; to restore and recover, to become grounded. The Studio will be a philosophical center for meditation and creative Arts, a center for the healthy healing of mind, body and soul.  The feel is: Earth. 

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