Proven Products for Horse and Rider


  • Evolutionary Saddles - full detail

  • Saddles & Tack Repairs

  • Horse Camping and supplies

  • Custom sewing all types of work done.  (7 machines, commercial & Standard to suit your needs)


Natures Comfort Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater is one of the most effective ways of cutting a household's carbon footprint by reducing reliance on the gridHeats in the coldest of temperatures and on overcast days.

Tauering Pines

Horse back riding

In the heart of the BLACK HILLS

A Destination for Vacationers & Equestrians

Natural Spaces Domes
The Worlds Greenest Homes

A Dome is a Natural,  super efficient cost effective Riding Arena.

Revolutionizing the Flex Saddle for all riding styles from Endurance to Dressage.

Toe Stoppers

Rider protection from being dragged.


LED task and reading lights

Peruvian Horses
Email your specifications we will do the rest

Ambient Glow Technology

10 minutes of sunlight  = 12 + hours of luminance.

Florescence lasting up to 20 years

Stall Skins / Stall Liners

The ONLY stall mat that literally pays for itself in 6 months, in bedding costs that are NOT thrown away with the manure.

Hill View Farms
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A Manufacturer, Distributor and Representative for: 

Proven Products for Horse and Rider - Evolutionary Saddles and Tack - for all Equestrians

Alternative Energy Solutions - Natures Comfort  / AGT Ambient Glow Stones  / Sunnex LED lights

Energy Efficient Passive Home Living -Natural Space Domes

Vacation Rentals -A destination in the Heart of the Black Hills, South Dakota


Who is Hill View Farms?  We are a family business located in southwest Minnesota, the heartland of farm country.  We are devoted to providing the best service possible.  Offering Proven Products that we personally use and believe in so strongly that we stake our business on it.   We have complete control of every aspect of our business and with no employees, we are able to focus on products we feel are necessary now and in the future, at a competitive price. 

After starting our business in 1996, dedicating ourselves to "Proven Products for Horse and Rider" (which included a yearly catalog for 17 years), employee's and competitive on the internet for 12 years selling me too products, the time has come for restructuring.  This restructuring is due to,  on-line big box stores offering free shipping and bottom basement pricing (due to their ability to purchase in mass quantities).  This combined with manufacturers selling direct (vertical integration),  has put the hurt on the mom and pop businesses (which we are).  Thus our business model has changed. 

With this new market dynamic, we are taking our company with it's many facets in a new direction.  A direction that gives customers the individual and personalized service we feel is so important.  Unique, Custom made, Environmentally Responsible Products with Lifetime Experiences,  will be our focus in the years to come.

Follow each chapter in our index.  The products we Manufacturer, Distribute and Represent are truly amazing.

Call anytime with questions or to place an order.  We are REAL people on the other end of the key board / phone line.  We are honest home grown American's, who support our constitution and our freedoms of liberty that this great country was founded upon.  We look forward to serving you with the quality of products that we ourselves have come to expect offering you the best care we can give.

Questions or to place orders 24-7 call Toll Free:  866-723-5937  QUESTIONS?   E-mail or


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