What the consumer should know.  


Beware consumers - Do you know who you are giving your money too?

 MAKE SURE you can get your MONEY BACK - not a substitution!

(This is public information.)

And if this is all not enough... the same person can write it off and open up under another name!

Letter sent by Hill View Farms

Bankruptcy Clerks Office
Attn: Bankruptcy Trustee
Thomas J.O. Neal
Shughart Thomson and Kilroy
Suite 1200
901 St. Louis
Springfield, MO 65806

Good Day Sirs:

I, Catherine Mary Sheets Tauer, received two notices in the mail regarding a case number 02-62901, Chapter 7 bankruptcy case of Richard Lynn Watson. I am not an attorney and in writing this letter do not know if this is what is required of me at this time.

I do however wish to lay claim to monies due me in the course of doing business with Mr. Watson starting in November of 2000. Over the course of time to April 2002, I had given Mr. Watson a total of $73,129.50 pre-paid for horseback riding saddles. I currently have a stack over three inches thick of documentation and correspondence regarding my account with Mr. Watson. Therefore if you need any documentation I have it. Since April 2002, I washed my hands of Mr. Watson and all of his associates. They, in my personal opinion, are a bunch of illiterate crooks. At that time, I licked my wounds and left with an outstanding balance due to me from Mr. Richard Watson of $10,893.02.

If by some miracle there happens to be a pot of money found buried under one of his fence posts (I'm very serious about that statement, gentlemen) I would like my money back.

If there is a finder's fee for recovering my money, I will gladly share it with that person (s).

Best regards to you all and good luck!

Sincerely, Catherine Mary Sheets Tauer.
41564 Co. Hwy 4
Morgan, MN 56266

Final ruling by court

And they are free to keep on doing business, again and again.