"Proven Products for Horse and Rider"


We will not be carrying many of these items any more.  Is a last time to purchase items that we do not directly make in house.

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Fly Spray Recipe:

1/2 C. Dawn - blue dish washing soap
1/2 C. Vinegar
1 C. Listerine mouth wash
1-2 teaspoons Vanilla
1/2 oz. permethrin 10%
Mix and put in 16 to 18 oz spray bottle and fill with water


two left

10% Permethrin - controls fleas, lice, mites and flies.  Long lasting - broad spectrum insecticide effectiveness.  Residual activity for up to 28 days. 8 oz bottle Item #  SU-P  Price $8.00

Cells can be cut apart to fit into personal lunch boxes and saddle packs! Keep lunch cool all day.


Techni-ice make for great cooling wraps for legs or any other injury.  Cut sheet to size.


Sheet measures 10 x 14.

Techni-Ice: Great for use in saddle bags, every day lunches, camping, RV refrigerators / freezers, boating, emergency situations, or for medical applications. The new four-ply Techni-Ice vastly improves on traditional gel and ice packs, providing long-lasting waterless ice. Techni-Ice can be used hot, cold, or frozen. It can keep your food and drinks icy cold for days in a cooler or take the place of a heating pad. It can be frozen down to -190 °C-more than twice as cold as dry ice! Techni-Ice is often frozen in blast freezers to minus 80 °C for dry ice applications, but works great in household freezers and is ideal for L.P. freezers. When a freezer is adjusted to the coldest setting, Techni-Ice freezes to between -18 °C and -21 °C, and can lower the temperature in an upright freezer to -35 °C within 1 week if at least 2 refrigerated shelves are filled with Techni-Ice and, when placed 2 sheets at a time, can reduce battery consumption in 12-volt refrigerators or freezers by minimizing thermostat activity. When Techni-Ice is left in a refrigerator or freezer, the power can be turned off overnight to further reduce battery consumption while maintaining basic refrigeration. Construction: Techni-Ice is a certified food-safe product manufactured in Australia using cutting-edge equipment and processes. Each four-ply sheet consists of two nonwoven textile layers encapsulating a specially formulated cross-linked polyacrylate polyalcohol copolymer refrigerant combined with a post-treated trade-secret formula. The two heavy-duty outer plastic layers containing a one-way microperforation are bonded to the textile layers, ensuring that the Techni-Ice pack can deliver revolutionary performance in the harshest climates. Factory certification of ISO-9002 ensures that Techni-Ice is manufactured to the highest international standards. How do I activate my new Techni-Ice sheets? Just immerse the sheets in warm water and scrunch them between your hands for a few minutes until the air bubbles have escaped. The water enters through the surface and activates the polymer, which then swells the sheet into 24 individually sealed cells, keeping the product flexible when frozen. The cells can be cut apart at the edges, so the sheet can be cut to size for a variety of uses. (10 x 14 in., 24-cell sheet). Reusable for years! Item # TR-ICE - Price $7.50 per sheet.

Merino Sheepskin Fleece Leg Comforters: The Merino’s soft fine wool is thick and springy, has a nice soft cool feeling and prevents pinching or rubbing on your legs. Also prevents rubbing on the saddle flaps. These covers attach with Velcro for easy on/off, and for stirrup adjusting. The comforters for 2" wide leather/biothane straps are 12.5 inches long. For one-inch leathers they are 15 inches long.  Custom sizes are also available. Sold in pairs, completely washable, 10 colors available but we stock black and brown for fast delivery. Item # TR- FLM – Price $35.00

Merino Sheepskin Seat Saver "Tush Cush": This seat cushion, by Just Merino Sheepskin Products, which has been chosen the best in sheepskin by John Lyons and by Michael Plumb’s Horse Journal. The Merino’s soft fine wool is thick and springy – the best that money can buy and just what you are looking for in a tush-cush. Completely washable, available in 10 different colors. We stock black and brown for fast delivery. Please state style and color. Item # TR-SS – Price $55.00 




Seat Cushion:  This cushion was first developed for stationary patients.  It offers relief just where you need it, allowing you to ride comfortably for hours.  Made of 1.5-inch high-density (23# test-20 year) spring-back foam that is sculpted and beveled down to the edges for a smooth seat-to-leg transition. It is covered with a soft velour chocolate shell with adjustable straps to securely attach it to your saddle.  This pad will not collapse, bunch up or hold in heat and is placed under your seat so that it will not make your saddle smaller.  Made in a style that will accommodate nearly all English, Western and Endurance riders.   HVF Exclusive. Item # TR-TC  Price $35.00

Seat Shrinker:  This seat pad is the perfect answer for riders who have lost weight, young riders who need to grow into their saddles, or guests who are too small to securely fit into one of your saddles.  You can install or remove the Seat Shrinker in less than 60 seconds with the stainless steel locking Dee’s and nylon strapping.  Developed by HVF, it is made of 2.5-oz upholstery leather and stuffed with three inches of synthetic and wool fleece for a soft sofa-like feel.  The Seat Shrinker is made to last a lifetime and is available in black or brown.  May reduce seat size by up to 2 inches.  HVF Exclusive.  Item #TR-SSS – Price $45.00





With the HUNDREDS of requests, we now carry the full range of Montana Silver with the Montana Armor.  Montana Silver with Montana Armor will protect your silver’s brilliance.  All that is needed is an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.  

In STOCK:  Not the least expensive, but for sure the most practical, Is the:
Flash Cut – diamond edge Concho – extraordinary beauty, with brilliant shine.    

1 1/2 inch Solid Concho with wood screw adapter:  Item # C145  @ $8.40

1 1/2 inch Slotted Concho Item # C145 @ $8.40

3/4 inch Button Concho with wood screw adapter Item # C142   @ $5.00

2 inch  Breast Collar Center Ring Concho Item # C147  @ $20.00

 1 inch Breast Collar Arm Concho Item # C143  @ $5.50

1 1/4 inch Bridle Loop Concho Item # C144 BL  @ $6.90

5/8 inch  Bit End Concho – one pair.  Item # C141 BE @ $4.90/PR

 2 inch Horn Cap Concho Item # C147 HC @ $12.30

2 1/4 inch Horn Cap Concho for Engraving Item # HC21  @ $18.50

11/16 X 41/4 inch Cantle Plate for Engraving Item # CP20 @ $42.00

Black Enamel Engraving. Item #  @ $1.15 / Letter

 Custom Orders welcome, visit Montana Silver on line to view full product selection.


Stainless Steel Conchos

Bridle loops:  $6.90   Large concho: $8.40   Small concho:  $5.00

Specify what you would like:  Blacken or plain

Designed to STRETCH to fit.

The leather is sewn on a wide elastic band so that it will accordion out and conform to your leg for a PERFECT FIT.    


Top Grain Half Chaps:  A name to trust, OVATION has the most beautiful Top Grain stretch ribbed half chaps that we have seen. These half chaps are clean, elegant and durable with a heavy zipper and snap closure at bottom.  Come in Black and Chocolate. These fit soooooo nice and are forgiving if you are in-between sizes. Select size based on widest calf measurement and ankle to back of knee: Item # CL-HC - Price $69.99

XS: 12-14 inches x 14 -15.5” high
S:  13-15 inches x 15 - 16” high



Spurs: "Prince of Wales" spurs are the most popular spurs sold. These are very nice, will never rust, perfect for everyday use and easy to walk in. They come with nylon braided spur straps, which are great, because they always will stay soft and require no maintenance.   Item # TR-SPURS – Price $15.00 


Riding Swap:  No more dropping your riding crop and having to get off, pick it up, then get back on.   No more losing your grip or dropping your reins or accidentally poking your horse while trying to figure out how to carry that silly crop on the trail.  At last, a simple, effective way to get your point across that works for both you and your mount, a wrist swap.  This leather swap gives you an additional 29” of reach to swat the horse’s rump and is completely adjustable on the wrist.  Great for barn and herd sour horses or those sassy ones when out on the trail.    Item #HR-RS – Price $10.00.


Fixaphone™ : A unique mobile phone case designed for those with an active lifestyle or anyone who wants quick and easy access to their mobile phone. FIXAPHONE™ is constructed of wetsuit neoprene, which is machine washable, durable, stretchy material, that is soft and lightweight, making it comfortable to wear on your arm or leg, eliminating uncomfortable belt clips at your waist. The adjustable Velcro strap gives a firm fit and allows free movement while working or playing. A convenient way to carry your mobile phone while you are running, biking, gardening, hiking, shopping, horseback riding, at the gym, and so much more… Never miss a call again! Available in black, red, yellow, green or blue and 2 sizes, small or large. Small will fit phones 2 to 4 inches and large will fit phones 3 to 5 inches. Standard strap length will fit a 13 inch circumference.  New colors in small size only of ocean blue, pink and purple. Fits most mobile phones and holds some pagers, mp3 players and 2-way radios. State color and size. 

Item #TR-FIX – price $15.95 (Reg $19.95)

Extender Strap will add 6 inches:  Super for thighs or fitting over coats.  Item# PARTS - Price $3.50


L.E.D. Head Light: This all-purpose hands-free headlight has to be one of the nicest of the cheaper LED headlamps to come along in some time. The Coghlan’s LED/Incandescent Headlight features three different lights all in one. You can run either one LED, three LED’s, or a high output incandescent bulb. The light runs on three AAA batteries, which are not included. Operating times as stated by the manufacturer are @240 hours on one LED, @80 hours on three LED’s, and @4 hours on the Incandescent. Features: 3 - 5mm white LED’s, Focusing incandescent bulb (3volt 0.2amp), adjustable 1 inch head strap, 90 degree tilting headpiece, water resistant, shatter and shock proof, solid state circuitry. Great headlight for doing camp chores after dark, checking on horses, road emergencies and even on the trail – packs wonderfully into your saddlebags! Item # TR-HEAD – Price $22.00 




The Freedom Flashlight.  The Freedom Flashlight offers revolutionary technology that gives you the freedom of choice. The first click of the 3-way switch turns on a lithium battery powered LED light. The second click offers endless self-generated light. The third click turns it off. This flashlight combines the popular electromagnetic “shake” technology with traditional battery-powered light. Both options give light from an ultra bright white LED rated for 100,000 hours of continuous use.  Housed in a rugged waterproof ABS clear plastic case that floats, is shock resistant, and operates in extreme heat or cold, perfect for the horse camper and every day use. This revolutionary flashlight is always ready to use. No matter how long it sits in a drawer or toolbox, it works. Just a few shakes and it generates light. The magnet inside the housing passes through a copper coil generating enough energy to operate the flashlight for several minutes.  This Flashlight is dependable and durable and is warranted against all defects in material and workmanship for life. This is WONDERFUL and not one of the cheap-o knock-offs that have just the shake feature - sometimes you have no time to just shake!  Item # TR-LIGHT – Price $14.00  (Reg $15.95)

While supplies last:  Receive a FREE lighted key chain clip with every flashlight!


The "bug cap": This all mesh hood slips easily over your head, helmet, hat, keeping out those pesky deer flies, mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. Perfect for all outdoor activities, such as riding, hiking, mowing lawns, gardening, fishing and pitching stalls. It has excellent visibility and ventilation. It provides facial protection without poisonous chemicals. This mesh hood comes with an adjustable elastic cord for under your shoulders, so it will not ride up when you bend over or when your race down the trails. We keep this hood in our saddlebags at all times. It takes up no room at all and has been a lifesaver.  Item # CL-Bug Cap – Price $10.00

CLOSE OUT Mosquito Beater Yard Fog:  By Bonide, this triple action formula is highly effective against flying and crawling insects.  Use out doors and in. (Mosquitoes, flies as all types, wasps, hornet and bees plus all those all those other crawling bugs!)  Active ingredients are teramethrin, permethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide.  Item # SU-YS– Price $6.50


three left


Lantern Holder: We have always liked lantern stands, but other brands have had their faults: they would blow or tip over, were either too high or too low and were plain in appearance. Well, at last we were able have one made that was "horsy," adjustable and had ground supports to prevent tipping. Light stands are wonderful because you can get your lantern off the table, giving you more room, and making the bugs that flock around light go away too. Just set up your stand about two feet away from your table and you have a perfect setting! This stand is also great for hanging baskets and bird feeders.  Made strong and durable with a black or gray powder coat finish. HVF exclusive. Item # TR-LH – Price $39.95

possible bulk shipping prices apply, ie., over size.


CLOSE OUT Awning Hook By Camco: This telescoping) awing opener extends from 11 inches to 47 inches so that you can easily reach up and open your awning.  The rubber grip handle and stainless steel construction makes this an easy pole to use and a dream to store, causing you to toss away your cumbersome-hard-to-store-4-foot pole immediately. Item # TP-AH – Price $ 14.50

Photo says it all:  Clip on mantles, set of two.  TR-MC - Price $1.98


Photo says it all:  Tie on mantles, set of two.  TR-MT - Price $1.48

Boot Scrape

Boot Scrape: Now here is the classic horseshoe boot scrape. Push the spike end into the ground by your front and back door. Or take it along on your travels. No more muddy "boot scrape" droppings on your trailer’s hitch or doorstep! Modestly priced this is a great buy. 19 inches long, lays flat for storage, black powder coat finish, strong and durable! HVF Exclusive. Item # TR-BS - Price $15.00

CLOSE OUT Toothbrush Covers: Fits all sizes of toothbrushes and packaged 2 per card. Wonderful for traveling, camping or if you carry your toothbrush with you. Item # TR-TB - Price .75
CLOSE OUT Laundry Reel: Constructed of sturdy ABS plastic with 2 brass hooks included. Has a 21-foot strong nylon rope. No more tangled cords! Easy to use and very handy indoors or outdoors. Item # TR-LR - Price $2.50 

Due to quality issues with the metal bowl, the washstand will come with a heavy duty plastic one that is dark red in color.

Wash Stand: We were camping in Iowa when we came across a washstand similar to this one. What a terrific idea. Now the whole family can wash up outside before coming in or sitting down to eat. You can even do your dishes outside. But what is really slick is that after you are tacked up, ready to ride and just finished fly spraying your horse, you can wash that yucky bug spray from your hands before mounting up, or clean up before going into the show ring. This stand has a holder for liquid soap and a rack for your drying towel. It comes with a large heavy plastic washbowl and a "clip on" mirror! The tripod design allows for easy assembly and storage. When open, you can secure the stand by pushing the legs slightly into the ground. You can also use it to hold a trash bag as shown in photo. Make your camping and riding experience easier for sure! HVF Exclusive. Black or gray powder coat finish. Item # TR-WASH – Price $40.00 


possible bulk shipping prices apply, ie., over size.

CLOSE OUT Patio Rug/Mat Stakes:  Easily secure your patio rug to the ground.  Low profile ensures a smooth walking surface.  Made of rust-resistant nickel-plated steel. Package of 4.  Item # TP-ST  Price $3.99
CLOSE OUT Adults-Only Hotdog and Marshmallow Cooker:  Hilarious!  Made of stainless steel with a wooden handle.  30 in. long overall.  Sold separately - specify gender.  Item # TR-CO – Price $15.95  


  • Withstands heat up to 480 deg. F
  • For kitchen, barbecue, and other hot surfaces
  • Outer layer consists of Kevlar and Nomex
  • Machine washable.
  • Great for kitchen, barbeque, and other hot jobs around the house. 


The Oven Glove:  This is the best heat, fire resistant glove made. Period.  These thick oven gloves allow you to handle hot objects with ease.  They are better than oven mitts for getting a better grip on any hot surface.  Great for baking, grilling – even unscrewing a hot light blight bulb.  Machine washable. One size fits all. Sold as a left/right pair of two.  Item # TR-OV – Price $18.50

order two sets as you will be giving this as a gift



Chili lights:  Festive, Festive, Festive!  These 70 little gems are made of glass and use the LED lights.  That means that your lights will last longer and conserve energy.  You can order these lights in a 35 ft string or a 16” long cluster. For Cluster Item # TR-LITE-CC – Price $19.95 or String Item # TR-LITE-C – Price $19.95



Party Lights: All right, these are cool. Made of shotgun shell casings to hang on your awning, Christmas tree, bunkhouse or cabin. Great for parties. Lights come in assorted colors in a string of either 20 or 50 shells.

Item # TR-Lite - Price for;
 8 ft. (20 lights)  $18.00
 18 ft. (35 lights) $21.00
26 ft. (50 lights) $32.00


Laminated Table Cloth: Cathy used to be the one who always insisted on using tablecloths that ARE CLOTH, even when camping. But after years of dealing with kids and adults who spill; tablecloths that are dew covered in the morning; fly covered specks on the spills; and what to do with this messy, damp, stinky wet, thing until it can be taken home and laundered, Cathy has reassessed her initial decision. Yes, it does take a while to get things right and see the light! This laminated heavy-duty, tablecloth is the answer. Just wipe all the messes away! The laminated tablecloth is red and white, 54" inches wide and 9 feet long. For a longer length the price per yard is $4.00. HVF Exclusive. Item # TR-TBL – Price $14.00   With purchase get a set of deluxe tablecloth clamps free! 


Deluxe Tablecloth Clamps: We have tested weighted clamps and slip on clamps, but nothing compares to these spring-loaded plastic clamps. Wonderful. Set of 4. Item # TR-CLIP – Price $1.75


Carry All: This organizer is great for just about anything that you need to keep items  separated and organized whether at home, in the barn, camping or on the road. Made from 600-denier, foam-backed, water-resistant polyester. With roomy mesh pockets outlining the large center pouch you can keep frequently used items on the out side and the bulkier items on the inside and it has a strong wide nylon handle to carry it all! Outstanding for your picnic supplies as well. We love it! Color selection is green, burgundy, purple, red, navy blue or black.  Item # GR-B Price $20.95 This bag, while supplies last, then bag below.


New Style:  Color in black& purple. Bag has zippered top closure and shoulder strap. Specify bag preference.


Packaging may vary - see right.

Emergency is Survival is a MUST IN ALL LOCATIONS, cabin, house, car, etc.  For when bad weather or disasters occur. 
A MUST when out hiking, biking or riding in the wilds.  BE READY for Emergencies.


Full Meals with heaters:  (These come in mixed assorted cases so call to select from the numerous entrée choices, if not we will select for you.) The Full Meal will contain one Entrée, side dish, bakery Item (crackers or bread), spread (jelly, peanut butter or cheese spread), dessert (cookies, energy bar, cake or fruit), beverage base, accessory packet (coffee, creamer, sugar, salt, gum, matches, wet napkin, spork/spoon) and heater packet. Select from meals below.
Item # TR-HM price $8.75  (buy three get ONE FREE)

  • Brisket Entrée / Beef Brisket

  • Roast Beef with Vegetables

  • Beef Stew

  • Beef Ravioli / Beef Ravioli

  • Meatballs in Marinara Sauce

  • Meat loaf with Gravy

  • Spaghetti with Meat Sauce / Spaghetti with meat and sauce 1220 cal

  • Sloppy Joe

  • Beef Enchilada

  • Chili and Macaroni / chili and macaroni 1300 cal.

  • Chili with Beans / Chili with beans 1260 cal

  • Cajun Rice with Beans and Sausage

  • Maple Sausage

  • Penne with vegetable sausage crumbles in spicy tomato sauce 1210 cal.

  • Pork Rib

  • Jambalaya

  • Chicken Tomato Feta

  • Chicken Pesto Pasta

  • Chicken with Cavatelli

  • Chicken Tetrazzini

  • Chicken with Noodles

  • Buffalo chicken

  • Chicken and dumpling made with white chicken meat 1270 cal. / Chicken and Dumplings

  • Chicken, vegetable and noodles in sauce.  1220 cal / Chicken Vegetable and Noodles

  • Chicken Breast Grilled

  • Vegetable Lasagna (vegetarian) / Vegetable Lasagna

  • Veggie Burger with BBQ (vegetarian)

  • Vegetable Manicotti (vegetarian)

  • Cheese Tortellini (vegetarian)

Entrée: Ready Meal - long shelf life - ready to eat - no cooking necessary - select an entree meal to round out your caloric intake with complete meal above: Item # TR-E price $2.50 each. (buy four get the 5th one FREE)

  • Beef roast with vegetables-280 calories.

  • Spaghetti with meat and sauce- 340 calories.

  • Breaded chicken breast patty with pasta shells in tomato sauce-280 calories.

  • Chicken breast strips with chunky salsa-200 calories.

  • Cajun style rice with beans and beef sausage-340 calories.

  • Pasta and vegetables in Alfredo style sauce (Vegetarian Meal) - 250 calories.

  • Egg omelet with vegetables and cheese (Vegetarian Meal)

MRE's:  "Meals Ready to Eat"- by The Wornick Co:  These are the REAL MREs that were conceived by NASA over 30 years ago and introduced on Apollo flights to the moon, in Skylab, and on every US space Shuttle flight from Enterprise to Challenger. They have gone to Grenada, to fight forest fires in Alaska and bring relief after hurricanes. They fed Desert Shield and Desert Storm and they've done the job again in Afghanistan and Iraq Great for camping, car trips, search and rescue, hikers, bikers, truck drivers, horse shows, backpacking and snow trips such as cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, ice fishing, snow camping and in any emergency situation.
   The secret to this delicious instant survival meal is in the pouch. US military research labs took the lead in the technology and development of the POUCH, which has three special layers allowing the food to be sealed and then cooked inside never being exposed to the air until ready to eat. Thus, the food is sterilized and blocked from future contamination. This packaging delivers an almost unbelievable shelf life of 5-10 years (not 2 years like current commercial preparations). Food, which is not FREEZE-DRIED, therefore retains its natural moisture, gravy, sauces and juices.  The resulting taste and texture are much more realistic and naturally delicious than those of dehydrated and freeze dried foods. With over 30 years of field research experts have carefully designed these meals for maximum nutrition (an average of 55% meat compared with 35% normally), familiarity, and TOTAL convenience! These meals are ready to eat right from the pouch at room temperature (as they are pre-cooked). Or they can be heated the following ways.

1) Just add a little water to activate the self-contained non-flame chemical heater, officially called the "MRE Heater", which is included in each full meal.
2) Placing next to a non-liquid heat source: radiator, engine block, or even the human body. Be careful of burning or melting the pouch if the heat source is too hot.
3) Boiling for 3-5 min. - take the pouch from outer carton and place it in clean boiling water heated from available sources: fire, heating tabs, or stoves.
4) Microwave 2-3 min. after removing from the pouch. The pouch contains an aluminum, non-micro-waveable layer that gives the pouch such a long shelf life.

These are so good that we eat them.
 The Entrees are super for one meal or supplement the full meal with extra calories.   The full-meal packages – have “extras” in the form of power bars, cracker snacks, etc. – provide plenty of food for one person for a whole day.





EXCLUSIVE EMBLEMS  Available only through Hill View Farms


mugs only left of the above and below



Tervis Tumbler Cups- set of 4: These are the ORIGINAL. The ONLY insulated cups that WILL last a lifetime. In fact they have an UNCONDITIONAL lifetime guarantee. They are made of high-grade polycarbonate, which is virtually indestructible. Double wall insulation ensures that hot drinks and soups stay hot and cold drinks and ice cream stay cold longer. Your glass will not sweat and you can hold these cups without the temperature discomfort you would get from a single walled glass or bowl. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe; resists condensation, scratching and discoloration; ultrasonically sealed, and made in the USA since 1946. There are cheap knock offs of this glass nearly everywhere but this is truly one of those times when “cheap” really means “cheaply made” and of lesser quality. (Trust us on this – we have been using these glasses for years on 100s of camping trips.) State pattern and size. State pattern and size.

Item # TR-Cups - set of 4 "Tall" 16 oz. - Price $42.00   $39.00
ONE: 16 OZ tumbler:  $10.00 each

Tervis Tumbler Mugs: These are the same awesome tumblers as above but in a 17 oz. MUG form. Perfect for adults or children as large or small hands can easily hold these mugs with the handle. These mugs double as bowls, and are sometimes better than real bowls, being insulated and having a handle.  Also available for your mug is the lid with a straw. Great for avoiding spills and keeping the bugs out!  Select any pattern.
Mug: Item # TR-Mug – Price $13.50
Travel Lid:  Item# TR-TLID - Price $3.50 (16 oz Tumbler only)
Travel Handle for 16 oz tumbler Item# TR-TH - Price $5.50


The Travel Handle is perfect for your 16 oz tumbler: This handle can slide off and on your tumbler, so weather your out walking about or driving in your vehicle, your tumbler can slip effortlessly into any cup holder.  This tumbler compo with travel lid is ready to go anywhere!


Have a cup of coffee with your long ears   The ONLY mule in America

Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, never sweats, never burns, great for soups, cereals, ice cream and drinks.  Holds 17 oz and is guaranteed for life!
Prancing Pony


Tervis Tumbler Travel Lid:  Perfect for travel as this lid can be open and closed.  Item# TR-TLID - Price $3.50



Ruby red, hand-cut, hand-blown glasses: Treat your self to a splash of elegance with these little jewels. We first saw these glasses in an up-scale designer store in Charlotte NC. It took a while to track them down but here they are.  No worry about drinking out of lead cut crystal or paying the price we saw in Charlotte.  Are you thinking… just what do these glasses have to do with horses or camping?  Nothing really, except when you want sit back and relax with your favorite drink or enjoy company and share stories. Available in 3 different sets of 6 - each with a different design – great for keeping track of which is your glass:

Item # TR-GLM – Price $ 60.00 (6 – 4 oz. liquor or juice glasses (my favorite)- 4 ¼ inches high)


Item # TR-JCS – Price $16.50 Cork stop with pour spout

Jeweled Entertaining Ware: These unique serving pieces are made of stainless steel and  beads of glass and bone.  Elegant and stylish, each is a work of art hand made by Carol and Cheryl.  Thus the name “Too Wired Women Originals.”  These jeweled pieces are such a delight and works of art they make beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts that will be treasured forever.  Great for showers, wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays or for your deserving self.  True works of art, hand wash.   

Clip on coffee scoop Item # TR-JCC – Price $16.00 for horse charm add .50



For the FUN of words!

For the FUN of words! Quiddler®, by SET Enterprises. A breakthrough in word games. Because short words, like ‘at’, ‘is’, ‘of’, ‘ax’, ‘ow’ and ‘zoo’ can lead to winning, readers of all ages can play and win. There are bonuses for both short and long words. You simply combine all the cards in your hand into words. The words don’t have to be related, and you don’t play off other player’s words. In the first round players get three cards, in the second round four cards, on up to 10 cards in the last round. An absolutely wonderful game for all ages! We play this game as an open hand - it’s great! Item # TR-Game - Price $12.00






Antique Brown and Engraved German Sliver Double Drawer Pulls

Handle pull: 1 3/8 inch tall by 3 1/4 inch in from post to post: Specify number selection.  Price for one pull:  $6.00

Oval Pull:  1 3/8 x 1 7/8 with 3/4 inch post:  Specify number selection. Price for one pull:  $4.00

Round Pull: 1 1/2 x 3/4 inch post.  Specify letter selection. Price for one pull:  $4.00CLOSE OUT

Four of each or mix and match for an eclectic taste


  • I do whatever my horse tells me to do

  • I love horses

  • I whisper but my horse doesn't listen

  • I'd be totally nuts without my horse

  • If I didn't own a horse...this would be a Ferrari

  • If my savings were as big as my manure pile, I'd be rich.

  • If you think I'm high maintenance, then you haven't met my horse

  • If you're gonna ride my bumper, then you better put a saddle on it.

  • I'm having a bad mare day

  • I'm just cantering through life

  • It's a horse's world, I'm just here to rustle up the feed

  • Just put me back on my horse

  • Kiss my apps!

  • I love appaloosa butts

  • Life is a journey, make the most of it

  • Love me love my horse

  • Love my horse

  • Love my Jack or don't come back

  • Make your hobby horses!

  • Manure happens!

  • Manure Mover

  • My ass is too big but I married him anyway

  • My horse bucked off your honor student

  • My horse is more pampered than my boyfriend

  • My horse is more pampered than my husband

  • My husband's paycheck=new horse equipment

  • My other car has a horse trailer attached to it.

  • My quarter horse beat up your fourth-level dressage horse

  • But officer, that's not a U-turn, it's a roll back!

  • Dressage riders never die, they half pass over!

  • Eventers do it 3 ways in 3 days

  • Fox hunters out fox everyone!

  • If found, please return to the barn!

  • Paint my world spotted

  • Quarter Horses

  • Quarter Horses: They can turn on a dime and toss you back 9 cents!

  • Raised on horses, sometimes on crutches

  • Don't ask me to do anything but ride my horse

  • Just horsin' around

  • Put out to pasture and LOVIN' it!

  • Ride a draft...It'll make your butt look smaller

  • Silly Cowboy! Trucks are for girls

  • Sorry! That barn smell is my aromatherapy

  • Take my husband, stay away from the horse

  • The #1 tip for riders: Marry Money

  • The only stock I buy has 4 legs

  • The Surgeon general never said a thing about smoking the competition

  • Trail Rider

  • Trail riders do it in the woods.

  • Treat you like my horse? Yeah, right!

  • A woman and her rig, it's a beautiful thing.

  • A woman needs 2 animals: The horse of her dreams and a jackass to pay for it

  • A woman's place is on a horse

  • Alpha Mare

  • Anyone can ride, it just takes talent to stay on

  • Are you going to cowboy up or just lay there and bleed?

  • Ask me about my horse

  • Barn Brat

  • Behind every good horse is a human cleaning up.

  • Beware the mare

  • Born to ride...forced to go to school

  • Born to ride...forced to go to work

  • Caution Horses: Do not tailgate

  • Caution: This vehicle makes sliding stops

  • CAUTION: We stop at all tack shops

  • Don't follow me, I got the directions from the horse

  • Don't get too close...I might kick

  • Driver carries no cash. All spent on horse

  • Free & Easy down the trail I go...

  • Golf Courses: Just a waste of valuable pasture land

  • Happiness is acres of pasture!

  • Happiness is being in the barn

  • Hell hath no fury as a chestnut Thoroughbred mare

  • Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to muck I go

  • Hoofbeats: My favorite music

  •  Horses are my therapy

  •  I can muck thirty stalls before breakfast...what can you do?

  • I'm daft for my draft

  • Don't be fooled by my car, my real treasure is in the barn

  • My horse ate my paycheck

  • Still plays with horses

  • Tacky and terribly unrefined

  • Diamonds are not a girl's best unless they can be pawned for a good horse!

  • I love chillin' with my horse!

  • Just a few flakes short of a bale!

  • Screw Wall Street! All my assets are in the barn!

  • We don't haul for 6th place!

  • One Mucking Day After Another

  • You can never have too many horses

  • You show girl!

  • Whinnying is everything

  • Yeah but can you ride?

  • When I grow up, I wanna be a dually

  • We came, we showed, we kicked but


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