Sneaky Customers/Suppliers


Cheryl Davidson, Dublin, CA - 10/08 Theft by swindle $104.99

Ac Western Tack Manfacturing, Vesta MN 12/07 -still due

Ron Hawkins, Ozark Mountain Saddle Co. LLC Eldodrado Springs, MO  $299.60 11/2007
Sue Hugley of Mora MN  $10.65 4/06 - theft

Kai Klee,   Ehndorf Germany  $14,490.06 5/05 -theft

Lori Mozey of Barron WI  $15.00  6/04 -theft

Rocking R Saddles-Richard Watson of  Fairplay, MO : $10,893.02 12/02 - filed bankruptcy

Spots R us Appaloosa's  INC. Tom and CJ Greer of  Stevensville, MT $1,423.00  10/98 - bankruptcy/divorce


Once paid the name of the person will be removed.


My position is this.  No matter what amount is due, it is the PRINCIPLE.    No one likes a cheap-ass.  I have bent over backwards for people and believe me, it takes a lot for someone to get to me the point where I will post a persons name like this. 


This folks is ALL ABOUT principle and neither you nor I should pay for and allow these people to get off as they have done to me and may do to you.  As for my business, I keep my margins small, work on a tight budget and do my best to provide the horse community with quality products and helpful information.


I will NOT take second chair to those individuals who think that it is no big deal since it is just a few dollars or have wriggled their way out of paying because they changed their name, are too far away, went bankrupt, got divorced or feel that they are just more important. 


It is all about the Principle.