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Saddle Cleaning and Care Instructions

How do I clean and care for my saddle and tack?

Leather Cleaning: · Allow saddle to dry slowly and naturally after use.· Brush excess dirt and perspiration salts from leather with a soft brush.· Dampen leather with a wet soft sponge till it darkens uniformly. Use the least amount of water that will do the job.· With a soft firm brush, clear bar glycerin soap and water, work up a uniform lather with a circular motion or use Bick 1 leather cleaner. When you have removed the dirt and perspiration rinse your saddle with lukewarm water.· Allow the saddle to dry slowly and naturally, preferably in the shade with a fan for ventilation.· After the saddle has dried (when leather no longer feels cold to the cheek) condition the leather using oil, fat, neatsfoot oil or Bick 4 leather conditioner.· If your leather is very dry from water or excessive sweat, use extra oil and work well into leather, but moderately for it will darken leather. Pure neatsfoot oil darkens leather quickly. Lexol NF will do a good job without darkening the leather too much or use Bick 4, which will not darken the leather at all. Choose whichever of the many food oils works best for your saddle. Using olive oil, corn oil, peanut oil and mineral oil, is good but will darken leather in intensity corresponding to the order in which the products are listed. · Be careful not to over-oil the leather or it will become greasy and weaken the fibers. A properly oiled saddle can also be treated with leather wax or fat. The suppleness of the leather is maintained by the oil and is also protected from wind and moisture. · If your saddle becomes exposed to conditions that favor mold growth such as high humidify it will be necessary to kill the mold and spores.  The best way of accomplishing this is by taking a sponge and wiping your saddle down with vinegar and then allow to dry out in the sunshine. 

Leather and Saddle Care: · Keep your saddle clean and covered and avoid dust.· Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. · Use a saddle stand or suspend above the ground using a rope through the swell of the saddle. · Do not store your saddle on the ground; leather absorbs moisture and this position will deform the saddle’s shape.· Do not store near manure. Manure fumes contain ammonia that hardens and rots leather. ·  Clean saddle every three months or after heavy use.· Use common sense. Leather is the skin of an animal converted to a stable state. Treat leather as you would your own skin.· Do not use iron or steel next to leather. The rusting action of iron rots leather.·  Do not over-oil or over-clean the leather, too much oil weakens its fibers.·  Saddle soap or a glycerin bar can remove small amounts of dye from the leather; clean using the following methods only when the saddle is heavily soiled.

Care and Cleaning of Neoprene Accessories · Neoprene girths should be rinsed thoroughly with clean water after every ride to remove manure, debris and salt. The salt from your horse’s sweat can eat away at neoprene over time.· Do not store in direct sunlight and keep in a low light areaStore at room temperature· Store away from ozone sources.· Air dry only.· Use a Silicone spray or (Armor-All) after cleaning, this helps to condition the neoprene.

How do I care for my Delrin Panels? The inserts/panels should be oiled regularly, frequency depending on the amount of time you ride, but once a year minimum. The inserts/panels should be oiled often.) The slide plate and washers that hold the panels on your saddle are stainless steel. You will need to oil the mounts and washers (that slide and work against Delrin - the white plastic looking material). Use 3-In-One household oil, which can be purchased at any warehouse, supermarket or automotive store etc. It comes in a small plastic or metal bottle with a thin straw-like tube for easy access to the mounts and inserts. Oil  all 4 mounts and try to aim downward toward the panels and washers. Put some drops of oil directly on the Delrin-panel (the white plastic). After oiling, flex the panel to distribute the oil under the mounts. This will keep the inserts and panels lubricated to let the panels move freely. If your saddle has the oil impregnated washers this procedure is not necessary.

Bick-5 Leather Conditioner: Bick 5 is a complete care leather product for all of your tack, harness, and leather goods. Just like Bick 4, it conditions, polishes and acts a water repellent, making it ideal for keeping leather soft and supple while preventing the leather from drying and cracking. It is safe to use on leather boots, shoes, bags, purses, jackets, saddles, belts and smooth finish or exotic leather products including reptile. It is wax-free, does not contain silicone and will not seal the pores of the leather. Bickmore guarantees Bick-4 will not darken any colorfast leather, as the formula is free of animal fats and caustic chemicals. This conditioner is perfect for any item that is loose texture/form, for example hand bags, jackets and furniture alike as the spray is distributed in an uniform fashion.  WONDERFUL.  16 oz. Item # SC-BICK-4 - Price $13.00


Bick-1 Leather Cleaner: Bick-1 is a balanced formula that was created to thoroughly clean the dirtiest leather items both safely and effectively. It is pH-balanced blend of non-alkaline cleaning agents that aggressively cleans smooth finished leather safely and effectively. It removes soil, grease, spur marks and most food and ink stains. Its foaming action lifts out embedded dirt and stains. Because it contains no wax, oils, or additives to interfere with its cleaning ability, dirt will not become trapped in the leather. 8 oz. Item # SC-BICK-1 - Price $7.50

Bick Travel Kit: The ultimate a travel or gift kit. This kit comes in a zippered acrylic pouch and contains a 2 oz. bottle of each the Bick 4 leather conditioner and the Bick-1 leather cleaner. It also comes with a soft cotton cleaning cloth. Makes a great gift. Item # SC-GIFT - Price $7.00 

Suede & Nubuck Cleaner:   From Bickmore, this cleaner removes most oil and water based stains  from suede, nubuck, roughout leather and fabric. Will not leave a chemical residue ring. 8oz. Item # SC-SC Price $ 8.25


Aussie Leather Conditioner:  By a trusted name, Fieging, since 1895.  Developed for Australian horsemen, Aussie leather conditioner helps leather to withstand hot, dry climate conditions.  Contains natural beeswax.  A must for saddle owners in bitter cold, dry areas as well as those in hot, dry climates.  Perfect for use on saddle, tack, boot, gun cases, handbags and all those leather items that need a deep conditioning and to restore youthfulness.  15 oz Item #  SC-FB- Price $10.50

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