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This 700 Series LED Lighting is a High-Output Flexible, 5 Watt light Emitting Diode (LED).

Sunnex task lighting systems have set the standard for quality and versatility for more than 30 years. LS Series lamps are ergonomically designed for ease-of-use and engineered to with-stand years of constant operation.

The lamp features a high grade, flexible, anti-vibration gooseneck arm to accommodate small or hard to reach work areas. The knuckle joint is flexible and will hold its position.  Scratch resistant PUR sleeving protects the gooseneck from harmful dust, oils and moisture.

The L.E.D. element offers a significant increase intensity OVER that of a standard 20 watt halogen bulb, while providing close to 70% less energy consumption, cool-touch heat management and a projected 25,000 hours of high-output lighting. The Lumens on the LS708-55RT is 17,000 at 12 inches. This quality configuration is backed by the Sunnex Inc. 3 year warranty.

Suggested Applications Include: Medical / Assembly / Visual Inspection / Reading / Fine Assembly / Industrial Manufacturing / Office / Bench Work / Electronics / Packaging /Bed side reading.


Features of this floor lamp are:
Compact lamp head for unobstructed work area view
Switch in head
Exceptionally long element life (25,000 hours)
55 inches high
33 inches of goose neck flexibility
22 inches of rigid trunk to floor for stability
High-grade industrial swivel “knuckle” mount
3-year guarantee
Available in Black or white color
Additional information .pdf

If you want to have a REAL light, for REAL tasks there is no other lamp that comes close to what this light can offer you.  It is TRULY amazing!  Special orders welcome.

55" LED GOOSENECK FLOOR LAMP:  Item# LS708-55RT Price $375.00 

Replacement bulb:  For LS series floor Lamp.  Item# BLB32351 - Price $42.00


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