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Shown above:
As a trainer, I use many different bits depending upon the horse, their mouth, and the head set I wish to achieve. I start with a hackmore followed by a training bit and then move to a finishing bit. I even take bits out on the trail to test. Having a bits on bit keepers makes selecting fast and easy, there is less down time changing out tack when quick adjustments are necessary

Yes, pieces can be purchased separately:
Brow band - 25.00
Bit keepers - 15.00
Center ring -15.00
Cheek pieces - 25.00
Nose band - 30.00
Throat Latch - 40.00


Soft-Touch Leather Halter Bridle: This unique halter bridle is truly a riders must have. It is adjustable on both sides of the cheek piece, on the noseband, throatlatch and on both sets of bit keepers. Perfect for trail riding as the halter can be used to tie a horse anywhere. For the English rider, the halter can be adjusted to become the perfect cavesson. Each 5/8-inch strap is comprised of three different materials, yet the end product is lighter, stronger and requires less care than an all-leather headstall. A thin tube of 3.4oz garment (which is very durable, soft and supple against the horse) is folded over nylon webbing and is then sewn onto top grain English bridle leather. This leaves the garment leather’s smooth rolled edges against the horse’s face. This sharp looking headgear has all stainless steel hardware. It comes with two types of bit keepers, so the headstall does not have to be disassembled to accommodate a different bit. Select the one piece bit hanger which allows you to bit over the ears from one side with one hand easily or the clip on hangers.  Comes in large, medium and small sizes. State leather color. This is the best for trail riding and training because you have it all in one. HVF-Exclusive - made by Cathy Sheets Tauer.  Item # H-HB - Price $200.00

existing inventory - of only small will be $150.00


Select between two different style bit hangers: The one piece strap or pair of keepers. (with the one piece hanger, a different style brow band is made) Photo shows this option with the training halter bridle.

Photo shows how to put your bit keepers on your bit.

Training "side pull" Halter Bridle: This unique halter bridle is a trainer’s dream. The halter can be adjusted as the perfect cavesson and also be used to tie a horse. During Trail and Field Training clip a lead rope to the halter and loop it back to the saddle. This way, in the event of that "fright and flight " instinct, the horse’s head can be pulled around (coupling) without pulling on his delicate mouth. The halter has stainless steel side rings that can be used) as "side pulls" to teach a horse or mule to yield and move in response to direct reining (a bitless bridle) and great for a training bit or hackamore. The headstall comes with two sets of bit keepers or instead of the two pairs of bit keepers,  choose the easy one piece bit hanger which allows you to bit over the ears from one side with one hand easily.  The easy hanger can be secured to the halter bridle by running it through the cheek dee or kept loose over the head stall.   By using the side pulls and the bit keepers together, you can ride with double reins keeping your horse’s mouth soft, while teaching him with the side pulls. This bridle is made just like the Soft Touch Halter bridle, soft and strong. - made by Cathy Sheets Tauer.  Item # H-HB - T- Price $150.00 (any existing inventory will be sold out at the old price of $125.00 - ask for when ordering)


The Easy Bridle:  Designed by Cathy, inspired by customers,  an easy bridle that you can hook on to your existing halter.  5/8th inch wide leather with padded brown band, stainless steel roller buckles and hardware.  Beautifully sewn, truly crafted. Select brown or black leather - size L, M, S.  HVF exclusive.   Item # H-EZ - Price $55.00

CLOSE OUT PRICING - was $30.00 Beaded Brow Band:  Select from one of the beautifully hand beaded brown band.  Comes in sizes 14 inches, 15, (regular), 16 (large) and 17(in black and white beads only).  Sewn on to brown or black leather.  Select color (s) theme.  Hand crafted in Kenya by the Maasal women. Each is unique supply limited. Item # H-BB – Price $15.00



Thin Leather Reins: These are those impossibly hard-to-find thin leather reins, measuring only 3/8 inch wide, with scissors snap ends. They are made with two layers of leather sewn together for strength and measure 7 foot in length. HVF-Exclusive. State color. . Item # H-LR - Price $125.00

Soft-Touch Leather Reins: These soft reins are made the same way and with the same materials as the halter bridle. They come with scissors snaps at the ends. The split reins have an adjustable buckle so you can keep your reins together without using a knot. Or, if you prefer, these reins are so soft and supple that you can easily knot them. One-half inch wide. State size and color. HVF-Exclusive.
Item # H-SR for 8 ft. loop - Price is $100.00
Item # H-SRS for 6 ft. split – Price is $125.00

Soft-Touch Leather Knob Reins: Inspired by a customer, we developed the perfect reins for riders who need extra grip. These 6-foot split reins are made just like the other soft-touch reins, but with knobs (swells) sewn right into the length of the reins. The knobs are spaced so that you have even contact your horse’s mouth. Swells are inconspicuous so that only the rider knows they are there. State leather color please. HVF-Exclusive. Item # H-TR - Price $125.00 (while inventory lasts)

Shown to Right: Optional "quick change" end that can be added to any of the reins above. The rider can remove the snap and attach the rein directly to the bit or leave the snap on.

Endurance Reins:  By Zilco, these marathon endurance reins feature a polyester material which is  inter-woven with rubber for extra grip. The Velcro ends increase functionality by allowing them to be used as split or loop reins. Minimal care required, as they rinse clean and due to their synthetic nature do not mold or rot.  Outstanding for endurance riders and trainers alike. Come in lengths of 55  or 70 inches. In black color only.  Item #H-ER - Price $40.00  and Item #H-ERL - Price $52.00 for the 70 inch.


"Will not be carrying these items any more".  Is a last time special offer to purchase.

Pig-Tail:  Perfect for any loop reins.  You can allow your horse to drink with out loosing your reins as this tail will give you an additional 30 inches of reach..  Specify width of your reins.  Comes in brown or black leather.  Item #  H-PT - Price $10.00

"Will not be carrying these items any more".  Is a last time special offer to purchase.

Rope Halter: Yes, this IS the sta-set rope halter that professionals use and charge up to $45.00 for. I make these halters and they are gorgeous! They come in one color, red and one size fits all, When closing the halter shut, remember this saying, "tie to the post not the wire".  In other words, tie the halter shut by looping the end through and around the throat latch. HVF-Exclusive - made by Cathy Sheets Tauer.
Item # H-RH - Price $25.00

For a limited time:  Colored nose band: 
You can have the rope halter with the woven colored nose band.  Select round or flat along with color:  Item #  H-CRH Price $30.00


Fly Mask: This Riding Fly Mask Protects; your horses head and ears from all kinds of pesky insects. (Deer flies, mosquitoes, flies, and gnats just to name a few). Made of a lightweight, see through, mesh fabric, which will not snag and yet light enough to not to over heat your horses’ head, has Velcro closures. This loose fitting mask is designed  to go over your horses bridle, allowing air flow keeping your horses head cool. Fits great into your saddlebags as it rolls up small. A must for trail riders or anyone who has their horses out on the high line during the "pesky" bug season. Item # H-M – Price $16.50

"Will not be carrying these items any more".  Is a last time special offer to purchase.


Hackamore: This easy hackamore is often referred to as an English hackamore, but it can go western just as easily. The hackamore is broken down into three parts. First, the incredible lightweight polished aluminum cheek pieces weight only 3 oz each. They are 7 inches in over all length with 4-inch shanks. The noseband is made of "Beta " a wonderful and easy to maintain product. It is adjustable up to two inches and you can also adjust the removable Velcro nose cushion to shape your noseband perfectly. Lastly this Hack comes with a stainless steel chin strap and end hooks. This is the best Hackamore I have ever come across. Specify medium or large size. Item # H-HACK - Price $85.00   
Video of assembly

Individual prices:  Cheek pieces: $50.00 ; Nose band: $25.00; Hooks and chain: $10.00.

Cheek Pieces available at whole sale pricing:  Minimum order 20

"Will not be carrying these items any more".  Is a last time special offer to purchase.



Basic Halter: We call this the "sleeping halter", because we use this halter when camping overnight with our horses. When the horses lie down the wider straps offer a more comfortable fit avoiding excessive pressure on the nose and poll. The design features brass hardware and snap that can stretch open when disaster strikes and then easily be bent back into shape. I have had our original halter since 1984 and it still going strong. Available in small, medium and large in blue, red, green or black color. Item # H-SH - Price $12.00 

ONLY LARGE left:      LARGE FITS 1100 TO 1600 LBS

The Overnight Safety-Break-Away Halter Strap:  For 1-inch halters. This 4-oz., boot leather strap is strong enough for normal use but in a serious struggle, one of two things will happen: it will either tear apart or the snap will release.  In either case your troubled horse will be set loose avoiding potential injury to his neck, back and/or legs.  This is extremely important when you leave your horse unattended and tied, whether he be tied to a tie line, picket line, high line, hitching rail, trees, your trailer or wherever as he can find himself in a bad situation – fast, because as you know, a horse, if he can, will find a way of injuring himself.  Be safe.  Item # H-SS – Price $4.50

"Will not be carrying these items any more".  Is a last time special offer to purchase.

Lunge line: 30-foot red flat lunge line with 24 inch brass chain. Item # H-LL - Price $22.00

Ride and Tie: For use with any halter bridle combination, this eight-foot long lead made of black polypropylene rope and brass hardware makes this an excellent addition for any event.  When riding, attach the trigger snap to the halter and loop the larger rope end around the horse's neck hooking it to the O-ring When needing to tie-up, just unhook from the O-ring.    A special thank you to officer James, from the Minneapolis mounted patrol for this wonderful idea.  We are proud to serve and endorse this fine group of officers.  Black with brass hardware. Item # H-RT - Price $21.95


Proud to saddle the Minneapolis Police Mounted patrol department:  from saddles, to breast collars and girths!

Riding Swap:  No more dropping your riding crop and having to get off, pick it up, then get back on.   No more losing your grip or dropping your reins or accidentally poking your horse while trying to figure out how to carry that silly crop on the trail.  At last, a simple, effective way to get your point across that works for both you and your mount, a wrist swap.  This leather swap gives you an additional 29” of reach to swat the horse’s rump and is completely adjustable on the wrist.  Great for barn and herd sour horses or those sassy ones when out on the trail.  Item #HR-RS – Price $10.00

----- Original Message ----- From: kelly ankney To: Hill View Farms Sent: Monday, October 05, 2009 8:09 AM Subject: saddle
P.S. I thought of another idea for the use of the "wrist swap"!!! My horse is now cured of her barn sourness, and now I attach the swap onto the middle of my reins, so it's there for use "in case", and I can also use it when my horse bends down to drink....I just grab it and she has all the rein she needs to get her head down, and I don't have to lean way over to keep a hold of the reins. It works great! It also gives me an extra leather strap in case I need to tie something to my saddle, or fix broken tack while on the trail. It's always there, and never in my way! I love it! Thanks so much, Kelly Ankney


Bridles (headstalls and reins) that carry the HVF Brand – exclusively on the product with no other manufacturers mark will be made with the highest quality leather, stainless steel and webbing available.  Purchasing these products you will know that your money was invested well. 
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