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Here I am with my all cotton low cut underwear, thinking that I would not get chaffed, but I do and they also leave bad under- wear lines. Ok... a close up.... NOT pretty!!  So I have to wear a long shirt hanging out. 
Here is my last pair of favorite high cut underwear.  (Not any more.)  They helped a little with chaffing, but kept creeping up my crack and also left nasty underwear lines. A close up of the creeping underwear and panty lines.  NOT pretty either!  And YES most women are somewhat vein.


Tilley Underwear

And on those long rides no chaffing nor creeping.

And it is TRUE that this Tilley underwear dry over night! 
I tested 1 pair for for 4 days in a row and the weather was cold and rainy the entire time.  They wash and dry like a dream.  Now I keep just two pair of these Tilleys in the RV and now have extra storage room.  Room that was left over from removing all the other pairs of useless underwear.

Good-bye panty lines!

These photo's have been untouched. 
It is the real deal.
For those of you who don't want too much information, stop reading.  For those of you who want more continue.  Riders who are concerned about chafing, panty lines or creeping underwear may choose to wear thongs.  However they too will chaff and for some of us that strap in our cracks is too much to bare.  Other riders will ride with no underwear, eliminating  lines and creeping panties all together.  However moisture can be an issue.  These briefs will help with all those issues.


OK... Don took the photo's and remember I use to model when I was 17,  so no big deal showing my butt.

The underwear that I am modeling are gray color,  "High Cut" .  Which means they go up higher on your leg.


The white brief that I am modeling is the standard cut, which is lower on the side of the leg.


Call now to place an order: 507-723-5937  or  Toll Free in US: 866-723-5937