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The color of the breast collar shown is chestnut and is not a stocked color.  Brown and Black are the colors that are in stock.

Leather English or Western Breast collar: Give your mount a soft-touch with a soft-sided breast collar. These breast collars begin with an inner core of nylon webbing that makes this collar strong enough to pull a car. The core is padded with soft neoprene foam, which gives the breast collar soft cushioned edges that canít cut into your horse. The bottom of the breast collar then is covered with supple moisture-resistant garment leather that canít become sweat-soaked, so this breast collar needs only a fraction of the maintenance required by other fine tack. The top of this breast collar is covered with top quality grain leather. Because of its construction this breast collar doesnít cause the friction and galling when your horse gets sweaty and wet. A strap that goes over the neck is standard to help maintain the position, which classifies this as a Pulling Breast Collar as shown in the photos. This allows your horse maximum freedom of movement. This breast collar goes English or western. Many western riders order the English because itís super strong, yet very conservative in overall appearance. The English collar is 1" wide, soft and pliable, tough and carefree.  The arms on the small are 18 inches and 21 inches on the large.  The western is 2" wide and can be tooled.  The arms are 16 inches on the small and 19 inches on the large.  Stainless steel snaps are provided at all ends for quick attachment to the saddle and the girth dees.  Available in small or large size. The small will go up to a medium and the large down to a medium. State leather color.
Item # BC-E ( English) - Price $150.00
Item # BC-W (Western) - Price $175.00

To properly fit the breast collar. Adjust the breast collar so it can pulled it away from the horseís shoulder on one side 3-4" inches. This allows the animal's shoulder to move freely forward. Use the neck tug (the strap that goes over the horse's withers) to adjust the height of the "arms" that lay along the shoulder slope, offering a comfortable fit and maximum support. These arms come together in the center of the chest and are connected to a center strap that connects the breast collar to the to the dee on the girth, between the horse's front legs. This center strap will keep the breast collar from moving up, and choking the horse and will allow your horse to eat and drink comfortably. Correctly fit this strap should hang down no more than 1 to 2 inches when the horse is standing. The over all position of the breast collar should be as shown in the photos above.          


Below is an example of a custom breast collar.  Call us for with your special requests - we will happy to make it especially for you.


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----- Original Message ----- From: billie bradley To: Hill View Farms Sent: Thursday, September 17, 2009 9:22 AM Subject: Re: western style breast collar

 hi cathy,  just a follow-up, as you requested during our recent phone conversation to facilitate the ordering of my western breast collar.    i have been searching for the right breast collar for the last couple of months.  i checked the local tack shops and the  big name catalogues.  since i wasn't finding what i wanted, my wife suggested that i look at her english style breastcollar that was ordered from hill view farms about three years ago and has had lots of use.  i liked the neoprene backing as opposed to leather and fleece that gets dirty very quickly.  i was impressed with the quality of leather and hardware.  it had all of the attachments in the right places, even a clip on the neck strap.  it certainly was durable, showing no wear after 3 years of use.  i therefore called hillview farms and spoke to you, cathy to see if i could order a western style.  I was pleased that you could get one for me and i also appreciate your honest cheerful manner.  thanks again,    peter bradley

----- Original Message ----- From: Laura  To: Hill View Farms   Sent: Monday, August 23, 2010 12:11 PM Subject: RE: availability of a bit. Good morning Ė I just got my English breast collar I ordered from you, AND ITíS AMAZING.  Thank you for the high quality products you carry; it is such a pleasure doing business with you. Take care -

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