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ALL NEW! All About Saddling – A 2-disc set: Get a front row seat to a saddling demonstration.  See first hand how saddles work, how they are designed and how technology is changing the way we saddle the horse. l        Learn how to properly tack up both English and Western saddles and how to properly fit cruppers, breast collars, bridles, bits, pads, girths, cinches and even breeching. l        Learn how to identify various back shapes and how to test for proper saddle fit.         l        Learn how to use shims to correct saddle fit and how to palpate your horse's back for condition. l        Lastly learn how to identify problems associated with your tack and how to care for it. Nowhere else will you find a more complete DVD set chock-full of so much information that took over a decade to assemble. Making horses, mules and even donkeys comfortable along with their owners was the driving force behind this production, which is guaranteed to change the life of those you love. Running time 128 minutes. ISBN 0-9776591-0-0. Ask about the DVD rebate of $19.95 when you order.  Item # BK-DVD - Price $ 19.95

Follow your adventitious dreams on horseback and Join us...  the Bill Porter's Wild Life Show as they ride across our wild America. 

Bill Porter Wild Life Unlimited.  Documentaries, TV shows - Hosting and presenting our wild America.  Vacation By Horse Back   www.wildlifevideo.com

Live the dream, Love the life, Share the memories.


Cathy's New Book - Currently Untitled: Over the years Cathy has received many questions about how to raise a foal.  To respond to these and other questions and to pass along her (delete others passing along he) knowledge she has decided to write a book that will help you raise a great companion.  The book will be full of wonderful hints and constructive suggestions, delivered with humor and illustrated with loads of pictures of her family and horses.  It will show you the techniques and everyday equipment we use to prepare our horses (delete and that you can use to prepare yours) to be great riding companions and trusted friends.  (ISBN: 0-9776591-1-9) This book is scheduled for release ??     The saddle manufacturing plant and both DVD’s took time away from the completion of this book for the moment.                 

An Expert’s Guide to Horse Camping: This complete six-disc set will show you the ins and outs of it all. This all-inclusive DVD production was produced, edited and directed by Cathy Sheets Tauer. As a part of this incredible set, you also receive the bonus DVD on All About Trail Riding, which will help you to prepare your steed for the trail. About the author: Cathy lives her passion, horse camping and riding an average of 1,000 miles a year throughout North America, Central America, South America, and Europe.  Cathy grew up riding and with her husband Don, has raised three daughters who did the same.  The family spends much of the three seasons each year on the trail, riding, camping, and developing trail horses.  Armed with this experience and a video camera, Cathy has produced this one-of-a-kind, unique horse-camping documentary. Cathy, an innovator and an expert in horsemanship and horse camping shares her life experiences and provides a wealth of information absolutely guaranteed to make horse camping a safer, more enjoyable activity for all. Item # BK-HC - Price $59.95 Running time for all six DVD’s is over 6 hours.#ISBN 0-9776591-2-7).  Several delays have slowed this project.  First the video camera needed maintenance, then insufficient hard drive space ( now I have 6 hard drives) and lastly the start up of the saddle manufacturing plant.   Hang in there as proofing still needs to be done. This set is unbelievably awesome.  Words cannot describe.

Camping with Cathy: Since 1962 Cathy’s love affair with horses consumed her life.  In 1982 She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Southern Illinois University earning her University Honors and a secure job.  In 1986 her world became complete with the marriage to her husband who pampered her dreams and allowed her to follow her passion. Then in 1998 Cathy received her Certification as a Equine Sports Massage Therapist.   Cathy now lives her passion, horse camping, and rides an average of 1,000 miles a year throughout North America, Central America, South America, and Europe.  Cathy grew up riding and, with her husband Don, has raised three daughters who did the same.  The family spends much of the three seasons each year on the trail, riding, camping, and developing trail horses.   This passion of Cathy’s lead to an entire business based on getting people started, preparing and outfitting them for trail riding and horse camping. Hill View Farms “Proven Products for Horse and Rider”.  Cathy’s is called upon daily regarding horse related issues and horse camping where she is always happy to share her experiences and knowledge. Cathy Tauer is an innovator, and an expert and in horsemanship and horse camping.  Cathy knows first hand how quickly a weekend can be ruined when an injury or accident happens to either yourself or to your horse.  Cathy’s goal is to have you learn some new ways of doing things both in and out of the arena that will improve your time with your horse and for you to enjoy the little slice of heaven that horse camping brings.  For nothing can be better for a horse lover than camping with their horse.  Cathy undoubtedly is the preeminent authority in horsemanship, trail riding and horse camping and is currently writing a book and producing a DVD series which is scheduled for release summer of 2007. Cathy been recognized and featured in print, radio and on T.V. (June/July 2006 Women inc. magazine; May 2005 The Barrel Horse News Magazine; 12/04 and 03/04 Horse'n Around Equine monthly news publication MN; 04/04 Tack'nTogs trade magazine; 01/04 Paso Fino Horse World Magazine; 7/03 The Country Today Newspaper WI; 3/03 Tack'nTogs Magazine; 1/03 Tack'nTogs magazine; 4/03 Trail Blazer Magazine; 9/02 KCCO Twin Cities-Radio; 9/02 MN-DNR State Report; 6/00 Springfield Advance Press Newspaper; 1999 The Agri News-Magazine; 1999 KNUJ -94.7-Radio; 1998 KEYC-TV Mankato, MN; 1998 Redwood Gazette Newspaper  MN; 1998 Mankato Free Press Newspaper MN; 1998 The New Ulm Journal Newspaper MN; 1998 The Independent-Marshall Newspaper MN; 1988 The Rick Lamb-Radio Show-national broadcast). More on Cathy


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