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We will not be carrying many of these items any more.  Is a last time to purchase items that we do not directly make in house.

 Continuous Fencing:  When you decide to build steel corrals, or if you want a solid pen to hold your animals, get SAFE, and do it right with the Trail Hand continuous fencing by Sliver Star Industries.  This fence is designed to keep your animals contained - period.  To install your fence, just lay it out, set your posts, fit the panel into your previous one (male and female slide in attachment) and clamp it into place.  You can even cut the panels to fit tight spaces.  The simple design allows you to be creative when laying out your fence.  This is the only fence that will move with your land - freezing, thawing, shifting terrain.   Wind can not destroy it,  no wire to keep taught, no rough edges for injuries to occur. 

The question you must ask yourself is this:  What are my horses worth? What are they worth to me and my family?  What will a good fence do for my property value? How long will a good fence last?  Do I have unlimited time and manpower to maintain a good fence?

I HAVE... answered these questions and this WHY we have and I'm selling this type of fencing. 





STRONG - available in either a 2 inch or 1 3/4 inch steel tube.  A 5-rail panel make a 5 foot fence (46 inch panel) s, a 6-rail makes a 6 foot fence (57 inch panel).  All joint are saddle cut and fully welded for maximum strength.

Can go around corner posts!

The fencing is environmentally friendly, with a wood-brown finishing color.  This fence is completely smooth and not be wire cut, will not crack, warp, fade, peel, shatter, stretch, shrink, snap, blow down, buckle, splinter or bow as compared to all other types of fencing.

An OUTSTANDING high visibility fence for your high use pasture, paddock or dry lot areas.  A must for young stock and mares with foals.  The SAFEST fence money can buy.    

Prices listed for just the following, but custom pricing, sizing and quantity discounts (over 45 panels) apply.  Call with questions.

5 - round rung, 1 3/4 inch diameter tubes - 20 foot panel:  Item# HR-CF: $164.00 @
Corner Connector:  $4.50 @
End Cap Piece - Male: $43.00 @
End Cap Piece - Female: $25.50 @
Hanging Clip:  $2.50 @

  All pricing subject to change without notice.

Posts not included.  Recommended minimum size to us:  Metal post 4 inch round and if using a wood post, 5 to 6 inches .  Both posts need to be minimum of 8 feet in length.  Posts to be set in ground 3.5 to 4 feet.

All in one:  Electric poly wire spool Wire on a reel:  1,312 feet~2.5 acres, 6 strand, strength 150 lbs, high conductivity. Item# HR-EL Price $39.99
Gate handle:  Strong.  Item# HR-EH Price $7.99
Rod Insulator: for pig tails to make TWO strands of wire, a pack of 12 screw on insulators  Item# HR-EI Price $7.50

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